1. Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025: “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”

    The Kansai region centered on Osaka is drawing attention to its long history of creativity and innovation in its bid to …

  2. The Chichibu Lines: Hikers’ Delight

    The Seibu-Chichibu and Chichibu Main Lines in Sait…

  3. Nagasaki: Window on the World

    On February 17, 1904, a production opened at M…

  4. Kanazawa: In the City of the Maedas

    Shaped like a massive hook reaching symbolical…

  5. Nara: A Capital Place

    When it comes to emotional draw,…

  6. Hagi: The Orange and Revolution

  7. Tokushima “vs Tokyo”

  8. Furusato Revolution II: Kamiyama-cho — The Power of the People

  9. Furusato Revolution I: Takayama — Talk of the Town

  10. Morioka: Home of the Nambu