1. The Rake’s Progress

    When it comes to luck, quite a few people believe you just cannot have too much of a good thing. And for the past co…

  2. Professor Yamazaki Awarded Order of Culture

    Playwright and critic Yamazaki Masakazu, an adviso…

  3. Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025: “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”

    The Kansai region centered on Osaka is drawing att…

  4. A Fossil among Trees

    It is usually in the latter days of September …

  5. Deer oh Deer

    If there is one season par excellence in The T…

  6. Stock Character

  7. Underneath the Spreading Linden Tree: Haiku in Romania

  8. Reading the Seasons

  9. Cutting Remarks

  10. Hot Stuff