Professor Yamazaki Awarded Order of Culture

Playwright and critic Yamazaki Masakazu, an advisor to the Japan Journal for many years, on November 3 received the Order of Culture from His Majesty the Emperor at the Imperial Palace. The Order of Culture is conferred on Culture Day and honors select Persons of Cultural Merit for their ongoing contributions to the advancement and development of Japanese culture.

Born in Kyoto on March 26, 1934, Yamazaki Masakazu graduated from the Kyoto University Faculty of Letters where he also earned his doctorate. After further study at Yale University in the United States, he served as assistant professor and professor at Kansai University, guest professor at Columbia University, professor at Osaka University and president of the University of East Asia. He is the author of many works including plays and critical essays in the fields of literature, culture and politics. He has served as a member of MEXT’s Central Education Council and currently serves as assistant director of the Suntory Foundation. Professor Yamazaki was nominated as a Person of Cultural Merit in 2007 and was elected one of the 120 life members of the Japan Art Academy in 2011.

Also receiving the Order of Culture in 2018 were composer Ichiyanagi Toshi, pottery artist Imai Masayuki, tax law expert Kaneko Hiroshi and information engineering researcher Nagao Makoto.


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