1. Flowers of Tea

    Like their warrior counterparts in other countries, the samurai of old were keen to present a steely, harder-than-th…

  2. Sympathy for the Devils

    After the glitter and bright goods of Christma…

  3. On a Roll

    A fly on the wall of many households across Japan …

  4. Meiji Jingu Museum: For What You Are About to See

    A magnificent new museum has opened on the south a…

  5. Reflections at the Turn of the Decade

    Mizuno Tetsu looks back at the 1990s, the 2000s an…

  6. The Daruma Burns

  7. Plum Lines

  8. Kuzumochi: Sweet Serendipity

  9. The Rake’s Progress

  10. Yokohama — The Birthplace of Rugby in Japan