1. The Further Adventures of Tsuyusaki Tsuyoshi

    Zhao Haicheng meets hotelier Tsuyusaki Tsuyoshi, the “Richest Chinese Person in Japan.”In the second half of the 1…

  2. FURUSATO REVOLUTION IV: Sharp Insights: From Osaka to the World

    Björn Heiberg’s fascination with Japanese kitchen …

  3. FURUSATO REVOLUTION III: Koshu: From Yamanashi to the World

    A female winemaker in Yamanashi Prefecture is devo…

  4. Furusato Revolution II: Kamiyama-cho — The Power of the People

    Why are young people heading for Kamiyama-cho, a s…

  5. Furusato Revolution I: Takayama — Talk of the Town

    How did Takayama, a small city in the mountainous …

  6. The “Gran Familia” Company

  7. Furusato Revolution VI: Fresh Fish for All

  8. Furusato Revolution V: Shopping Streets Ahead — Best Left to the Locals

  9. Measure for Measure

  10. Mitsuya: State-of-the-Art Plating