1. FURUSATO REVOLUTION VII: Settlers “Go with the Flow” in Irokawa

    The marginal community of Irokawa in Wakayama Prefecture has successfully introduced and integrated newcomers to the com…

  2. Rewriting the Rules of the Road

    The rapid progress being made in autonomous drivin…

  3. The Further Adventures of Tsuyusaki Tsuyoshi

    Zhao Haicheng meets hotelier Tsuyusaki Tsuyoshi, t…

  4. FURUSATO REVOLUTION IV: Sharp Insights: From Osaka to the World

    Björn Heiberg’s fascination with Japanese kitchen …

  5. FURUSATO REVOLUTION III: Koshu: From Yamanashi to the World

    A female winemaker in Yamanashi Prefecture is devo…

  6. Furusato Revolution II: Kamiyama-cho — The Power of the People

  7. Furusato Revolution I: Takayama — Talk of the Town

  8. The “Gran Familia” Company

  9. Furusato Revolution VI: Fresh Fish for All

  10. Furusato Revolution V: Shopping Streets Ahead — Best Left to the Locals